What Type of Settlement to Choose For Your Company?

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If you want to set up your own business, you need to register (DEIDG-1) during registration, where you indicate what type of taxation you choose for your company.

The article will show you what forms of taxation are available and acceptable in Poland, as well as how they differ and which of them will be the most advantageous for your company.

Types of taxation:

1. Tax scale. In this case, neither monthly nor quarterly declarations are submitted. Simply, after the end of the tax year, the relevant tax office consists of the annual statement PIT-36 (the final date for the settlement is April 30).

2. Tax office – this is a lump sum form of taxation. The amount that is paid into the account of the Tax Office, in this case has nothing to do with the income earned. The rate of the tax card depends on several factors: the size of employment, the age of the taxpayer, the size of the place where the activity is carried out, the type of services performed, the size of the business.

3. Linear tax – in this case, as an entrepreneur, you tax income (income – costs) with one tax rate – 19% – no matter what its amount will be.

4. The lump sum from registered income is quite … a specific form of taxation. This type of settlement is intended only for natural persons who receive income from non-agricultural business activity.

If you choose this form of taxation, you will be able to reduce your income by incurred costs (tax).

5. CIT tax – if you want to keep your company in the form of a limited liability company, or in the form of a joint-stock company, you will pay the so-called CIT – 15% or 19%.

In the network you will find a detailed description of each type of taxation. You can decide which one will be most suitable for you and your company; because later you will not be able to change it. If you do not know what kind of taxation for your company will be the most advantageous, consult a specialist for advice; he will present you with all the pros and cons, explain all the details and answer your questions – with his help you will definitely decide on the best solution.


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