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The vast majority of people want to spend their vacation outside the home. What’s more, more and more people declare that they would spend their free time from work outside the borders of our country. Unfortunately, such entry abroad is associated with quite high costs. For we have to get to some other country, we have to reserve a place or find a place where we will eat. And it is usually high prices that make quite a large part of our countrymen, does not leave during the leave from their home, or decide to go on a trip but in our country. But does it have to be this way? Can not we travel cheaply around the world? Of course we can, but we have to try for it.

To travel cheaply around the world, we have to spend a lot of time on preparing for the holiday. Of course, the easiest way to go to a travel agency and buy a trip, but we must know that it will cost us a lot. If we do not want to strain our home budget while on vacation, we must take matters into our own hands and organize everything ourselves.

When we decide to take a holiday trip outside the borders of our country, we have to think about it much earlier. We can not plan a specific date when we leave, only we have to be flexible and we have to look for the right opportunities in terms of price. First of all, it’s about air tickets, because they are the biggest load on our budget during the trip. So let’s check systematically the search engines for cheap flights, because from time to time airlines announce special promotions, thanks to which tickets can be bought at extremely attractive prices. It is worth mentioning here, that after each search for cheap flights, clear the memory of our web browser, i.e. cookies. For when we do not do it, the search engines will remember what directions of the journey we are interested in and will raise the ticket prices for the routes we are interested in.

If you already have a cheap air ticket in hand, you should look for cheap accommodation. This is not about looking for hotels, because in this case, the prices for our accommodation can be quite high. Let’s look for other alternatives, which may be the so-called couch surfing. The term refers to free accommodation that is offered by private individuals. On special websites, they inform tourists that they can stay overnight for free. This is an excellent option, although we can not expect luxury in a place that we choose for an overnight stay. If you are going on vacation in the summer, it is worth taking a tent with you and spending the night in it. In many places, for the “breaking up” of the tent, we do not have to pay anything, so the cost of our holiday automatically decreases.


During the holidays, it is quite an important aspect to move from one place to another. If we spend our holiday in a place where you do not have to move much – do not look for a means of transport, just move on foot. However, if we are forced to travel longer distances, let’s check which means of transport will be the cheapest for us. For in one country train tickets are very cheap, and in others it is more profitable to rent a car yourself.

We can not forget that during the holidays we will have to eat something. Of course, the cheapest option is to prepare meals yourself, but we do not always have the time to do it, or we do not have the right conditions. Then we have to eat at the catering establishments. And here it is worth looking a bit further from well-known tourist attractions or city centers. Because the owners of such premises will always raise prices in them, because they know that tourists will go to them and order meals. A little further from such places, we can find premises where we will pay even half as much for dinner or lunch.

As you can see, traveling around the world does not have to be expensive. If we adhere to the above guidelines, we may have a lot of money in our wallet, and we will spend a great vacation. Of course, we have to prepare ourselves for such a self-organized trip, but it is definitely worth doing to make the miles and, what is equally important, spend your free time in a cheap way.

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