How to handle a life insurance claimHow to handle a life insurance claim

Do you have life insurance and want to report an insured event? Each insurance company has its own rules. In this article, I will summarize a few points that are common to most insurance companies.

First, find out the exact procedure


Rules for dealing with insurance claims are governed by the law, general and special insurance conditions of each insurance company.

In the event of an insured event, communicate with an intermediary who has entered into the life insurance with you or call the insurance company info line directly. They will explain how to proceed and help with the forms and necessary documentation.

Report the insured event as soon as possible

Report the insured event as soon as possible

It is necessary to contact the insurance company immediately after the insured event due to the forms, the list of documents and the procedure. I recommend not to wait and contact the insurance company as soon as possible. Even onboarding PN you should inform the insurance company as soon as possible. This also applies in cases where the performance for the PN case is not from the 1st day.

Sufficient information to advance can save you a lot of time and unnecessary complications later on. It is possible to realize the insured event itself by phone, in person, by post or via the internet form. But not every insurance company offers all the possibilities.

Fill in the necessary forms

Fill in the necessary forms

For some insurance companies you can download forms for an insured event directly from their websites, somewhere they will send it to you on request by e-mail or you can run for them directly to the insurance company.

Always make copies of them to yourself before submitting them to the insurance company. You never know where it can be lost. They are insurance companies where they can also lose the impossible. And while it is found, if at all, your copy will help you.

What documentation needs to be documented?

In addition to the insurance companies themselves, you also attach additional documentation to the insurance claim. What? This depends on the particular type of claim and also on the insurance company.

Below I will give examples from a particular insurance company and the type of an insured event.

Permanent consequences after an accident – an accident report with a detailed description of the accident and a completed medical report from a medical professional.

Death of the insured – original or officially certified copy of the death certificate, dead letter of death and statistical report of death, conclusion of the police investigation in case of death, personal data of the claimant.

Daily dose for the period of necessary injury treatment – notification of the treatment of the consequences of injury, report of the attending physician on the course of the treatment of the consequences of the accident, medical reports with a record of the first treatment of injury, subsequent treatment and rehabilitation.

Daily hospitalization allowance – hospital discharge report and hospitalization notification form.

Private disability pension – decision of a social insurance company to award an invalidity pension, report by a social security insurance assessment physician on the basis of which the disability was granted.

Inability to work – notice of incapacity for work, confirmation of duration or termination of incapacity for work.

Settlement of an insured event

Liquidation of an insured event is the entire process from its reporting to the indemnity. After reporting the insured event, ask the liquidator to whom the claim was assigned and also record the insured event number .

I always recommend communicating in writing or by mail . What you say to the liquidator by phone is not binding on anyone. After being asked to complete the necessary documentation, nothing else remains for you, just deliver it to the insurance company as soon as possible. Only when the claim is settled, do you really find out the quality of the insurance company. The selection of an insurance company is therefore important.

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