The consumer is only a few mouse clicks away from 46,000 euros credit on the Internet. The application has never been so easy as it is today. But on closer inspection it is not so easy to get the loan as well. There must be a lot of attention. Otherwise, an application is doomed to failure. Especially with high loan amounts, the lender will look closely who gets a loan and who does not.

Too bad credit bureau – not a good sign

Too bad credit bureau - not a good sign

Who owns such a bad credit bureau that the bank refuses a request for a loan 46000 euros, that is always a bad sign. This means nothing else for banks that the financial situation is so tense that the customer can not pay off a loan 46000 euros.

Collateral is often no help here. Nevertheless, there are possibilities that can be used. For anyone who falls through the grid due to a bad credit bureau can choose a loan despite credit bureau. This loan has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, it is not easy to get the loan. The credit bureau is also tested, but the income has much more importance here. Everyone can have a bad entry in the credit bureau. That should not always lead to a rejection.

Online loans far ahead

Online loans far ahead

Online credit is far ahead when it comes to a 46000 euro credit. There are many reasons. For one, it is practical. The customer does not have to go to the branch bank. He needs for the application for a loan 46000 euros no date. The offers on the internet are so popular because there is more choice. The offers from the branch bank are very limited. There is little room for interest.

The Internet is different. So the customer can always choose between different banks with a 46000 euro credit. In addition, the customer can decide for himself which runtime he takes up. This then results in the interest that must be paid for the loan. The customer is simply more flexible with an online loan than when applying to a bank employee.

Compare worthwhile with every loan

Compare worthwhile with every loan

If a € 46000 loan is to be taken, a loan is always worthwhile. Thus, several offers can be compared. These all come from different banks, so there is competition between the banks. Since everyone wants to have the customer with them, the interest rates are lowered as far as possible.

The ScotBank has an offer with an effective interest rate of 1.95 percent. The rate is 585.94 euros. The 46,000 euro loan has a term of 84 months, which corresponds to seven years. Hardly a difference is the offer of the barclaycard.

With the same term, the annual interest rate is 1.99 percent. If the customer chooses the term of 84 months (7 years), he has to pay a monthly installment of 586.94 euros. The differences are barely visible in the first banks. There are always questions about the financial situation, as well as the contact details. The customer only has to wait a few seconds for the creditworthiness to be calculated.

Before the customer can adjust his credit, he receives an interest rate, which he is entitled to. The offer will then be on the portal for about three weeks. As long as the private investors have time to decide whether to forgive the loan or not. But often just a few hours or days are enough for a decision. As soon as enough money has been invested in the loan, a payout can occur. Usually it takes about two days until the money has been transferred.

Mistakes prevent borrowing

Mistakes prevent borrowing

If you want to borrow 46,000 euros, you must try to avoid mistakes. Those who make mistakes in the first steps will often not get a loan. The worst mistake that can be committed is to miscalculate. If you do not have enough fixed costs and you forget something, you will not have enough money for a loan of 46,000 euros.

Customers often pay attention only to the APR with a 46,000 euro loan. But this does not say what the credit really costs. The additional fees and expenses are often not included. These also belong to a loan 46,000 euros. There are the fixed interest rate and the variable. Also, it should absolutely be respected. It may be that during the term interest rates may change. This can result in monthly rates rising.

Credit secured – 46000 euros credit

Credit secured - 46000 euros credit

Everyone can have their loan secured by 46,000 euros. The most common form is a guarantee. Unfortunately, finding a guarantor is not always easy. This must come up with all his fortune and the salary for the 46000 euro credit, if it comes to a loan default.

Not everyone is able to. Some do not want that too if they take the risk for themselves too high. If you do not have a guarantor, you have the alternative of insurance. Either he has a life insurance with a surrender value. Or the bank assigns a term life insurance.

The repayment value can be used to secure the loan. Not infrequently the borrower becomes ill or a death occurs. In this case, not only the bank is secured, but also the family of the patient or the deceased. The insurance covers the remaining amount of a 46,000 euro loan.